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Latest Surveys

State of Digital  Health Innovation 2016

Health organizations and their partners from around the world are developing innovative initiatives, products and services using digital technologies such as mobile and social media.

This innovation activity is very positive, but we have a problem. We lack critical data benchmarking how organizations and their partners are progressing in their digital health innovation activities.  This data gap can result in organizations missing vital information about best practices and what works (or does not) industry-wide. For consultants, agencies, startups and others, this data gap can prevent them from understanding which innovations will gain traction -- and those that may fail.

You can help us close this data gap in about 5 minutes by participating in the State of Digital  Health Innovation 2016 survey. This research is produced by Fard Johnmar, futurist, researcher and SNCR Fellow.

Visit the website to participate in the study.


Social Business Benchmark Study

The Social Business Benchmark study was started in winter of 2012, and continues to be one of the most well recognized research efforts on the changes social business initiatives is having companies around the globe. Participate in the latest Social Business Benchmark Study. This study explores the following questions:

-Are companies differentiating between social media marketing and social business?
-What is the norm among organizational strategic intent, operational alignment, staffing, policy, and governance structures?
-How are organizations measuring the impact of their social business initiatives? Are they going beyond social media marketing measures to include operational impact factors?

Visit the website to participate in the study.