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Connie Bensen

Global Community Strategy

Austin TX
Twitter: @cbensen


Connie’s passion is community building and the related facets of social networking and branding. The goal of this site is to provide resources, mentorship & leadership for those building vibrant communities. As the community manager role becomes more prevalent she contributes to best practices. The precepts of community building apply to businesses no matter their size or type making this area critical to the integration of social media tools. It’s about building relationships rather than the technology.

Connie Bensen is a leading authority on cultivating online communities. listed her blog as one of the top 20 marketing and social media blogs by women in 2009. It is also recognized for providing best practices for this emerging role. She also provides mentorship and inspires others to pursue this new career. Connie is the Director of Community Strategy at Alterian. She is also a 2009 Fellow with the Society of New Communications Research and speaks at leading social media conferences.

Over the past year, Connie has been providing PR agencies & brands with direction and guidance in best practices for social media monitoring and measurement. In her role at Techrigy, she helped facilitate the evolution of Techrigy SM2 to become a leading social media monitoring tool based on customer and industry needs. Connie also strategically utilized the tool for many of Techrigy’s business objectives including: lead generation, brand building, social media marketing efforts, product development and customer service. Recently Techrigy was acquired by Alterian and Bensen now drives Alterian’s global social media strategy.

Connie blogs here at, & She has previously worked with Network Solutions, Inc and ACD Systems. Prior to joining ACD Systems, Connie spent 9 years on the brick and mortar side of community building in public library administration, marketing & PR.

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