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Francois Gossieaux

Human 1.0

9 Barlett Street #388
Andover MA 01810
P: (617) 871-0784
F: 978/215-4031
Twitter: @fgossieaux


I am a high energy, innovative marketing professional in the Boston area.

I am currently a partner and co-founder at Human 1.0 (formerly Beeline Labs), a boutique marketing innovation firm helping clients create new customers by humanizing themselves and their brands. I am also a senior fellow and board member with the Society for New Communications Research.

I also co-founded and co-lead the yearly Tribalization of Business Study (, an annual study in partnership with Beeline Labs, Deloitte and the Society for New Communications Research. As part of the study, we survey and analyze how companies leverage communities and social media as part of their business processes.

When I have free cycles I blog at Emergence Marketing (, participate in CMO 2.0 Conversations (, or act as the community manager for the Marketing 2.0 Community (


Marketing business strategy + tactics - including: branding, positioning, direct marketing, marketing innovation, events, product management, public relations, product marketing, industry marketing, etc.

Community development and management - build and maintain business communities in support of marketing, customer service, innovation and product development.

Social media strategy & planning

Independent Research

Hyper-Social Organization

David Court, Dave Elzinga, Susan Mulder, and Ole Jørgen Vetvik, “The Consumer Decision Journey,” McKinsey Quarterly, June 2009, – a paper describing the new buying cycle and how 60-80% of all buying decisions happen with nobody from your company involved.

Bernard Cova and Veronique Cova, “Tribal Marketing: The Tribalisation of Society and Its Impact on the Conduct of Marketing,” revised paper for European Journal of Marketing Special Issue, “Societal Marketing in 2002 and Beyond, Visionary Marketing,” January 2001,

Dan Ariely and Jonathan Levav, “Sequential Choice in Group Settings; Taking the Road Less Traveled and Less Enjoyed,” Journal of Consumer Research 27 (December 2000), p. 279,

V. Kumar, J. Andrew Petersen, and Robert P. Leone, “How Valuable Is Word of Mouth?” Harvard Business Review, October 2007,, for a discussion of the value of customer referrals.

“Active Lurking: Enhancing the Value of In-House Online Communities through the Related Practices around the Online Communities,” CCI Working Paper 2007-006, MIT Sloan School of Management Working Paper 4646-07, April 1, 2007,

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