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Kathy Klotz-Guest

Keeping it Human

San Jose CA
P: 408.578.8040
F: 408.578.8040
Twitter: @kathyklotzguest


Kathy helps companies market more successfully by being more human. Marketing success starts with the human connection. That means great products that focus on users’ needs and human storytelling without the jargon.

Keeping it Human means keeping it authentic. Every opportunity to touch customers and employees should be a human touch.Together with her deep marketing and technology expertise, Kathy’s 20 years’ experience in standup, improvisation, and sketch (and a San Jose cable show, Moronlife) gives her a practical perspective on what “human speak” means. Like comedy, all great marketing is about the power of ‘story.’ And, your story is only as good as your people and products. That’s why Keeping it Human also offers services to make sure your best product ideas truly reflect your customers’ needs.

In her 19-year strategic marketing career, Kathy has led successful marketing, research, product and communications strategy teams for high-tech, consulting, and media firms including SGI, Excite@Home, Yahoo!, Dataquest/Gartner Group, Autodesk, and MediaMetrix. She has launched many new products, developed successful story strategies, and has spun out three successful companies (including being a part of the team that spun MediaMetrix, the audience measurement standard, from research panel firm, NPD). She is also the founder of Powerfully Funny, a marketing and innovation firm.

She has an MLA in communications from Stanford University, an MBA in marketing from UC Berkeley, and an MA in multimedia web-based applications. Kathy is a founding fellow and CFO for the Society for New Communications Research ( where she recently completed a research project on video storytelling.  She is also a former 5-year board member for the SVAMA and writes frequently on marketing issues, including the fun-creativity-innovation connection. She still performs today with the ComedySportz Rec League and BATS Advanced Studio, and is still learning new stuff. Her 2-year-old thinks she’s hilarious, which is really the best kind of reward anyway.

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Speaking Engagements

The NY Digital Impact Conference in May 2011

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