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SNCR Weekly Roundup – August 31, 2015

Just in case you missed it, here’s some of the latest news, posts and reports from SNCR Fellows. The Proactive Report: 3 Reasons to Improve your Visual Literacy – “Here are three reasons why anyone in marketing or PR should … Continue reading

8 Ways to Use Social Media to Drive Engagement

Social selling. Sounds good, right? Millions of modern marketers from around the globe are discovering that they can use digital channels to reach their buyers online. Sounds simple, obvious really. “We’ll use LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook to post information and images … Continue reading

4 Case Studies on What Happens When You Don’t Use Data to Shape Your PR Strategy

This piece originally appeared as a free article in the Early August edition of The Measurement Advisor. The road to organizational destruction is paved with bad PR strategies. If you’ve read the rest of our Strategy Issue (here, here, and … Continue reading

SNCR Weekly Roundup – August 24, 2015

Just in case you missed it, here’s some of the latest  news, posts and reports from SNCR Fellows. Leader Networks: The Marketing Technology Tsunami: How To Avoid Disaster – “As our summer fun winds down, we Marketers kick into planning … Continue reading

SNCR Senior Fellow Lubetkin co-authors podcasting book with Toronto podcasting pioneer Donna Papacosta

Two of the pioneers in podcasting have joined forces to co-author The Business of  Podcasting: How to Take Your Podcasting Passion from the Personal to the Professional, which focuses on the business aspects of producing audio programs for the Web. The book … Continue reading