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Mind Your Digital Business! Ten Things to Improve Your Video Marketing Results

Over the past few years, in addition to doing a lot of storytelling for video, I’ve had the privilege of interviewing digital marketers from Cisco, Ford, IBM, Goodwill Industries International and NetApp among other companies that are innovating successfully with … Continue reading

Content Marketing Reminders From TED: Simple, Short, and Story…and, Wait for it…Surprise!

If you haven’t seen a few TED talks (live or via, you are missing out. If you have, well, you know how great the talks are. TED (Technology, Entertainment, and Design) and TEDx – independently organized conferences focusing on … Continue reading

Storytelling and “Stellar Presentations”: A “Non-Naked” Conversation with Shel Israel

I had the pleasure of chatting with my colleague and co-conspiring mischief maker, Shel Israel, about his latest book, Stellar Presentations. Shel and I first met as Founding Fellows of the new media research think tank, Society for New Communications … Continue reading

Storytelling at Royal Dutch Shell: Communicating “Complexity” in Simple, Human Terms

I had the pleasure of interviewing Don Bulmer, Board Director and VP of Communication Strategy at Royal Dutch Shell, in January 2012 about how the company is approaching storytelling today. This article captures the essence of that conversation, and … Continue reading